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America Recycles Day is November 15: Here are Six Tips to Improve Recycling in Your Home!

November 7, 2018
By Novelis Inc, Novelis Inc
As the world’s largest recycler of aluminum, Novelis is celebrating America Recycles Day with employees, suppliers and customers across the country.

Aluminum is the most valuable item in a recycling bin. Unfortunately, Americans throw away more than $700 million worth of aluminum cans every year, even though aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and can be turned back into a new beverage can in just 60 days.

How can you improve recycling in your home?

  1. Make it easy! Add an extra recycling bin or bag inside your home so that everyone in your household will know where to put aluminum cans. Recycling just one can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours.
  2. Do it yourself. Do you live in an area that does not have curbside pickup? Consider starting your own recycling program at a school, church or community location. Click here for steps you can take to get started.
  3. Start ‘em young! Novelis and Discovery Education offer Life of a Can, an elementary recycling education program that allows students to explore the never-ending lifecycle of a recycled aluminum can. You can share this free lesson plan with parents, teachers, scout leaders and community leaders.
  4. Wipe aluminum foil clean. Unlike aluminum cans, foil may have food particles attached, making it harder for recycling facilities to accept. However, foil is easy to wipe clean. Reuse it as much as you can, then clean it off before balling it up and putting it in the recycling bin.
  5. Pop your tops. You can send can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, where the organization recycles them for you and donates proceeds to house families managing a child’s illness.
  6. Think before you throw. In the past five years, the quality of recycling has decreased due to contamination. All recyclable items should be rinsed and free of any food residue before placing in your bin. You can usually find a list of eligible items on your city, county or recycling collector’s website.

Novelis recycles 65 billion aluminum cans every year thanks to consumers across the world that make a concerted effort to recycle. This America Recycles Day, help us reach new heights by committing to recycle in your own home. With every eligible item that avoids the landfill, we are shaping a sustainable world together.

To learn more about Novelis’ sustainability efforts, click here

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